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Families are homeless for different reasons.  RAFT doesn't have a "go to" solution for every family.  The services are individualized based upon the families needs and their reason for being homeless.  This is what makes RAFT truly successful at making a difference in the lives of families.

Stories from Former RAFT Residents

  • Sally

    Sally came into the program over 6 years ago to find help as she was a survivor of domestic violence. Here is what Sally has to say about RAFT now:

    My son and I are former residents of RAFT. We entered RAFT in 2007 and lived there for 2 years. RAFT encouraged me to apply for Habitat for Humanity while in the program. I did, and in 2009 we moved into our own home. We have been there ever since.

    I could never say enough good things about RAFT. They provided my family with counseling, parenting classes, financial education, healthy relationship classes and anything else we could think of to better ourselves. The staff went above and beyond to ensure the residents were safe, secure and comfortable while they did what they needed to do in the program.

    RAFT is a true blessing to this community. After over 6 years, I still carry with me the tools and training I learned while I was in the program. I know that RAFT works hard to help families help themselves.